Man, I should have done something better with that automated speech bubble. Also I realised I would later use that ZAP colour scheme in associated with another well-reknowned zapper. *shudders*


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Man there is a lot going on in this page, I like it.I also love how Byron’s needle menacing turned out looking like.

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Bud always does the right thing. Eventually. His plans still need work though.

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Bud seems to have the most time spent inside his own head of all my characters. Probably because he’s the sort to agonise over decisions he’s gotta make. My other characters are far less prone to introspection.

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I really like that white text on black outline there. I like Byron’s giant expository speech here. I know the guy’s a blowhard but this just kinda comes off as awkward, don’t it?

And finally I also like how Kane just met Bud and he’s been nothing but cowardly at him, yet Kane fully expects him to jump in and heroically rescue him. Makes Kane look like a better person after their spat, and introduces Bud’s main flaw he’s gonna have to grapple with over the course of the comic: He’s a fucking wimp.

I forgot to colour Kane’s helmet feather dealie. Shit.

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So, okay, Pearl is the one with the gauntlets. Got it.

Also, I do love the expression I gave her while beating the crap out of Kane. Shows that even though you might think it funny a giant guy is being beaten up by a scrawny girl, it’s still someone being in INTENSE PAIN.

Which is why you should find it EVEN MORE funny!

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I always love it when the expository dialogue can be actually justified in-world. It’s hard, man! It’s hard and noone understands.

Also looks like Byron’s crown is melting there. IS IT JUST A CHOCOLATE CROWN? MYSTERIES.

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So, I was SUPER BUSY this week and never lined up any of these on the tumblr! So you get them all at once, you lucky people you!

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Well, well, FUCKING WELL. Hussie updates the newsfeed about the time I thought he would, with news that he isn’t really all that done with the comic due to reasons, which I probably thought he would too, though that may be cynical hindsight.

He plans to start trickling things out again around OCtoberish (so I expect it to start about Nov at the earliest) and I am pretty happy with this. Having him just put this shit up as he did it was always my bag. No point in having all this happen at once, and reading it all in some bullshit frenzy so you can go back to social media again, not really savouring anything at all. Oh, and doing all that while trying to force-load the thing through constant server crashes.

I did find it a bit sad that he seems to hold the fandom in umbrage but I have just kinda accepted that this is just a thing that happens to creators who are successful after a while. They forget how great it is to have lots of people like what they do, so they are able to just make a living off of it. I mean, I hate customers at my job too, I understand. I also understand I’d put up with a lot of bullshit not to have to do my job and to be able to just work on a creative project and have people really appreciate it.

As is though, sounds like Hussie’s been through some shit, which he does not want to discuss with us and I respect that. Let’s all try to give Hussie less of a hard time than we usually do, as a whole, okay?

Oh who am I kidding, dicks will be dicks.