Obligatory dungeon puzzle. And one which, I am pretty certain I got WRONG. I suck at puzzles. Still, I think I at least managed to make a funny, and that’s gotta count for something. I always got kinda pissed off that people would simply accept the terms of a puzzle laid out by a dungeon that is TRYING TO KILL THEM. Why would they even give them a fair shot?

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Aaaand Kane edges closer to “good guy” on the spectrum of douchery. I try to have flawed characters that can easily be seen as a dick by some, but a great guy by others. It’s a difficult balance though.

I’m not sure this whole trap visual gag went altogether that well, the joke of course being this place is safe because someone died here previously. Though how they managed to get all up in those spokes I do not know.

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And we begin with the fact that NPCs can’t spell for crap. We won’t even see any sentient NPCs in Astigian till next chapter! SPOILERS, I GUESS. I think I made Kane a little too harsh here, even despite the Astigian Rule of “Dyson gets no respect, I tells ya, no respect at all”. This really seems more like something Xandra would do. But I did need a reason for Bud to get fed up with these two and leave MOAR SPOILERS.

Also the mouth colouration is way off here, I think this is before I discovered swatches. Sooo useful, those swatches.

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Dungeons: they just happen.

It’s pretty much another dig at RPGs and the convenience of places for adventuring being on every street corner. The dialogue here is kinda awkward at all times, but I like that I fired off about five or six jokes in this six-panel comic, so surely one of them must be a hit, right?

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Mardu Hordechief

Damn good common Raid guy. Also the first Raid guy so far, so here’s my opinion on Raid: I love it, best mechanic of the set. Okay, except maybe morph. Raid is great in that it’s really easy to achieve if you have an aggressive deck. Even if you’re on the backfoot, it might encourage you to toss a guy out there just to get some goodies. Like this guy for example, makes more blockers when you raid, so you can regain some lost momentum. Raid is probably gonna be a killer in the prerelease, like Unleash was a few years ago. This man in particular is the raid that keeps on raiding, as he gives you a worthless dork to charge to his death to activate raid some more. Perfect. Even if you don’t get the raid, he’s worth playing turn three.

Master of Pearls

This sure is a nice alpha strike. Or unexpected boost on defence to turn the game around. Exactly what I like to see from a rare morph. I love morph, btw. Never played with it, but it seems just all hells of interesting, so I can’t wait to try it. I love creature based combat tricks!

Rush of Battle

This is a similar boost but at common, and only usable for ATTACK! So mostly Mardu, a little Jeskai. The Warrior rider is odd for common though pretty nuts if you get it off on only one or two dudes.

Sage-Eye Harrier

Good common morph. Use him for extra damage until that becomes unattainable, then flip for either good defence or some flying. Actually just good even as a four mana 5 toughness dude. And having surprise toughness in combat if you need it is always nice.

Tumblr’s being fussy about putting more than like, four images to a post so I’m cutting this here. More to come!

Virtruvian Bud! I had a lot of fun with this shot, as you can probably tell, and unlike the Achievement screen, this gaming abstraction is actually canon. Though Bud doesn’t nessecarily have all those perks. Except maybe Ass Kisser.

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Well my last set review just kinda petered out, didn’t it? As did my essay-esque contributions to this blog. I know, I’ve been adding stuff still. But I feel like I’m depriving you guys the right to read me jabbering on and on about nothing really at all. So here we go: a set review. A FULL set review. This set kinda deserves it. So here we go:

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Welcome to Kane’s accent! Any real Texans feel free to murder me for mangling it so terribly, but I can at least claim ignorance by living the full extent of the Pacific ocean away from you guys. A Texan accent is just such a wonderful shorthand for Kane’s personality: big, direct, and in your face. We can see here he’s at least a little altruistically inclined towards others, volunteering to educate a couple a noobs in how Astigian works: of course he’s not that good at it, so we kinda only get the basics.

I am a little guilty of info dumping here at the beginning of the comic, but after page like, ten or so, I kinda just let it go and detail things as they show up and become relevant, rather than trying to give every new reader an exact rundown of what the deal is with Astigian.

As with everyone this early on, Kane is pretty off-model here, though just most notably in his nose. Just make that thing take up most of his face, dude! It looks better that way.

I also decided to do an anime-style “character is in all white when faced with a horrific revealation” thing, and I think it worked out pretty good!

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Oh hey, Kane.

Kane’s intro to the comic is pretty much everything I wanted, it builds him up to be some kinda badass, which he kinda is, but let’s be honest, he’s only killing RATLINGS here. Also if you look closely you will notice his giant sword is really being used as more of a club, which is all you COULD use a sword that big for. Or so I am told, by sword guys.

Also enjoy Kane’s visor being down cause it never goes down fully again. I tried to a little while ago, but his current proportions don’t allow for it! So you just have to deal with seeing his big ugly face.

I do like how much gross violence I can get away with unthinking NPCs, though. Maybe I should let these guys fight those more often…..

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Is Dyson preiscient? No, just kinda genre savvy. First use of SPEED LINES, and this time I use actual lines before realising that takes too goddamn much time in photoshop.

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